Company Profile
EXALCO S.A. Aluminium Industry was founded in 1973 having its main headquarters in Larissa. As an integral part of the Greek Aluminium History, the company’s name is linked with the tradition, experience, development and quality of it’s products and services. 

Exalco is an integrated industrial unit producing aluminium profiles, having the possibility to cover all the modern structural and architectural needs. All the people of Exalco are focused to the continuous progress and the development of the services rendered, offering quality products with respect and sensitivity towards the natural and social environment. Nowadays, Exalco has developed an extended sales network in domestic and foreign markets and holds justly the leading position in the field of Greek aluminium extrusion. 

Its plant (80.000 m²) at privately owned land of 300.000 m² which are located in Larissa include: 
-Extrusion units including 6 presses of 1100 tones, 1600 tones, 1750 tones, 2200 tones, 2300 tones and 2840 tones respectively, with production capacity 60,000 tones annually, as well as a section producing extrusion dies. 
-Surficial processing and anodising unit with fully automated machinery and capacity of 6.000 tones annually, offering high quality levels. New anodising unit for INOX colour - anodisation with a capacity of 9 tones daily. 
-Two vertical & horizontal coating system units producing 18.000 tones annually. 
-Powder coating system unit for wood, marble imitation (fantasy) with the V.I.V. DECORAL method and annual production capacity of 2.000 tones. 

Nowadays Exalco consists of two subsidiaries abroad, Exalco Romania SRL at Bucharest and Exalco Bulgaria SRL at Sofia and has developed an extended sales network in domestic and foreign markets. 

> The Products 
• Aluminium profiles for general structural and industrial applications. 
• Aluminium systems (ALBIO) for doors, windows, building facades, atriums, and many other architectural constructions. 
• Aluminium Shading Systems (Albio Solar) 
• Aluminium Railing Systems (Exrail System) 
• Aluminium Composite Panels EXALCO-BOND. 
• Aluminium systems for support bases and aluminium frames for photovoltaic parks, rooftops, roofs and industrial roofs 
• Accessories and other supplementary products. 

> The services 
• Vertical and horizontal coating system available at a large colour range. 
• Qualified coating system V.I.V. DECORAL for wood or marble style imitations and for the "Fantasy" pattern collection. 
• Anodising unit and new INOX colour anodisation.