1974 Operating the first press machine of 1650 tones along with the mold construction machines.
1975 The second press machine of 2000 tones.
1980 The foundry was established.
1984 The first anodise unit is founded.
1988 Νew horizontal electrostatic painting unit. -EXALCO was taken over by ALBIO-BIOKARPET    S.A.- 
Official member of the Greek Aluminium Association - The first Greek member of the Organization Aluminium Zentrale E.V.
1992 Acquisition Qualanod Compliance Certificate for the anodizing process of the products
1994 ALBIO-BIOKARPET took over the extrusion industry ELMETAL S.A..
1995 Certified by ELOT, the National Certification Body, with ISO 9001
1996 First exporting award by EVEA
Third press machine of 2200 tones
Νew vertical coating system unit.
1997 Obtaining Conformity Certificate Qualicoat for painting process products
2000 Two new press machines of 1750 and 2840 tones each, replaced the two older ones
 The parent company becomes a participation company
EXALCO S.A. takes over ELMETAL S.A. and the rest of the metallurgy branches
 EXALCO becomes the biggest aluminium extrusion company in Greece.
2002 V.I.V DECORAL. New horizontal coating system unit for wood, marble and fantasy with the method V.I.V.
2003 The aluminium profiles warehouse adopts a new technological and automatic logistics system
Subsidiaries were founded in Bulgaria and Romania.
2005 New horizontal coating system unit, and anodising unit for INOX colour anodisation
New test unit for aluminium systems
 The warehouses are expanded by 3000 m2.
2006 New facilities at Exalco Bulgaria A.D. including warehouse, coating unit and offices.
Replace with new press 2200
2007 Purchase and installation of brush machine.
New facilities at Exalco Romania SRL. including warehouse and offices.
2008 Investment of fully automated warehouse, the storage process of the final products is controlled by a robot of the Warehouse Management System.
Purchase and install a second machine thermal break
Promotion of the Exalco PV Mounting System.
2009 Purchase and installation of automatic packaging machine
First investment in solar parks.
2010 Certified by TUV Austria Hellas by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and CE
Acquisition of robotic thermal-break assembly line 
Establishment of branches in Patras and Tripoli
2011 ASCONA: Instrument measuring the dimensions and dimensional tolerances of aluminium profiles
Test instrument measuring the tensile- yield- elongation Sstress
Establishment of branches in Athens, Thessaloniki and Chania
2012 EXALCO SUNERGY systems are certified by TUV Austria Hellas
More than 600 MW sales on the PV Mounting systems and 3 MW private own projects. 
Establishment of branches in Alexandroupoli and Heraklion
2013 Purchase and installation of robotic stapling machine aluminum profiles
EXALCO COMPLETE: Engine rubber incorporation in aluminum profiles
Establishment of branches in Kozani and Kalamata
2016 1.5MW photovoltaic power station in Koulouri, Larissa
2018 Installation of a new extrusion press with a capacity of 1600 tons. Addition of a 5th production line with a total production capacity of 45,000 tons per year.
2019 Establishment of a branch in Kamatero, Attica
2020 Export Activity and International Presence ACCI Award
Establishment of a branch in Agios Dimitrios, Attica.
2021 Installation of a new vertical coating system unit. Addition of 3rd production line with a capacity of 12,000 tons per year.