Exalco BOND
Aluminium Composite Material for exterior cladding applications 

The material
EXALCO-BOND is an exclusive product by Exalco. It consists of a non-toxic 3mm polyethylene core bonded between 0.5mm aluminium facing and backing sheets. The standard overall thickness of the material is 4mm. The facing sheet features a durable colour coating. 

Intended use
Exalco-bond is used for exterior cladding applications both for new and older renovated buildings. Industrial and office buildings, bank branches are some of the indicated product’s applications. Exalco-bond’s advantage is the unlimited architectural freedom for the designer offering the ability to create different shapes and modern sense at the building’s exterior. 

The application
Exalco-bond’s main advantage is its low weight. Respectively, the supporting construction of Exalco-bond can be made from aluminium profile sections or metallic, but still remaining a light construction. Exalco-bond, can be placed by several ways on the supporting construction either at completed sheets, or at frames. 

The advantages
• High quality aluminium alloy for long durability
• Superior flatness and surface smoothness with a wide colour range.
• Low weight and extreme rigidity.
• Ease of fabrication. Configuration using ordinary working tools.
• Speedy fabrication which reduces total cost. 
• Recyclable and environmentally friendly.
• Easy cleaned and maintained.

Technical Characteristics Table



Overall thickness

4.0  mm

Alu-sheet thickness

0.5  mm

Aluminium alloy


Core material

Polyethylene (PE)


5.5  kg/m2

Elasticity module

70000  N/mm2

Thermal transmittance coefficient λ

0.35  W/m Κ

Linear expansion coefficient

4.12 x 10-5  m/m K

Sound reduction coefficient

27  dB

Reaction to fire according to standards

B2,  DIN 4102, Part 1

INDEX 0,  BS 476-Part 6

CLASS 1,  BS 476-Part 7


3 layers PVDF 70% KYNAR-500

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