ALBIO 225 Slim
The usual functions of a sliding system are now upgraded with the introduction of Exalco's new slide - lift and slide insulated system, Albio 225 Slim.
The modern and innovative design of the new system both in terms of aesthetics and functionality make it ideal for a multitude of applications, always in line with the latest architectural trends and the minimal design with elegant and straight lines while the visible aluminum in the overlap is just 28 mm.
At the same time, it can be used for the construction of a multitude of configurations both for sliding and lift & slide typologies with the use of gaskets, thus achieving excellent waterproof results while the maximum sash weight can go up to 250kg.
Finally, the use of 24mm & 20mm wide polyamide rods contribute to the reduction of thermal losses of the system, leading to excellent thermal insulation results.

Advantages :
  • Easy and smooth functionality.
  • Wide variety of available configurations to cover the needs in both sliding and lift & slide systems.
  • Aesthetically elegant solutions used to cover small, medium and large openings.
  • Minimalistic design with a frame height of 33 mm and a 28 mm visible profile at the overlap point.
  • High waterproofing due to the use of gaskets during the construction of the lift & slide system.

Technical characteristics :
  • Frame height : 33 mm
  • Frame Width : 96,3 mm
  • Sash Height : 86,3 mm
  • Sash width : 38 mm
  • Hook profile face width : 28 mm
  • Maximum sash weight : 250 kg
  • Glass Thickness : 26 mm
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