Exalco, one of the leading aluminum extrusion industry is always at the leading edge of developments, continuously developing new innovations in products and services. 

Its aim is to create new products and continuous improvement of its systems to meet the qualitative and functional needs of the evolving market For this reason, it has an R & D department staffed with experienced and professional staff, which is continuously developed and monitor trends and emerging prospects in the aluminum sector. 

Exalco is constantly investing in technology and human resources, in order to create new innovative systems serving the construction world, promote development and offer integrated solutions in the field of architecture and also to the general public. 

Among the products that are new for the company is the new aluminum system for entrance door Albio 135 Super Thermo. This system is a pioneer at European level, as it offers the highest insulation (Uf = 0,6 w/m2K), compared with corresponding systems, and sets high standards in any new building or renovation building. It also ensures maximum protection, thanks to quad-locking mechanism at its disposal, which is automatically activated by closing the door and locked at 3 points, while the corresponding locking the door locked at 4 points, giving the complete system burglary protection and security It supports any kind of technological system as installing fingerprint recognition mechanism, opening with digital insertion code etc.

Another innovative product is the system ORAMA, a sliding system for doors and windows with minimal design with just 2 cm vertical profile, absolute sense of freedom, excellent thermal and feature large. 

Finally, Exalco investing in the production process technology, holds one of the exclusive technologies in the world. It is a new machine, which integrates onto the profile a special rubber double extrusion, high standards and excellent quality which ensures a perfect fit and the ultimate seal of the frame. With the delivery of a more complete product, the manufacturer is released from unnecessary manual work and reduces costs and construction times of the frame. Exalco is the only company worldwide that owns the aforementioned technology.