Things to take care of during construction:
• The manufacturer starts work to the building after the builder and before the plasterers. 
• It is proposed the installed false frame to be galvanized in order not to corrosive. 

Color or anodizing?

Anodization enhances the corrosion behavior of the aluminum and is considered as processing the metal itself. Recommended for seaside areas or for areas with many pollutants. Available in limited colors. 
The Paint offers unlimited choice of colors. It is consider to be a further layer of the aluminum which enhances the corrosion behavior.

• Sign a private agreement before any payment of money that you have agreed and refer to the expected timetable.
• Choose only certified and reliable components such as seals, rollers, handles, hinges, locks, etc. Exalco specifies the correct procedures regarding production and placement of systems and propose appropriate and certified components for each system.
• Prefer frames with thermal in areas with extreme weather conditions for better insulation. 
• Always check if there is indication of Exalco authenticity in your new windows. The specific film also guarantees protection from any stains or oxidation which could occur from contact with concrete, lime or varnish. The film is removed immediately after placement. Any extended stay and a parallel sun exposure can cause stains.